First 2 BBS A321 Repaints Released

With the release of the .80 update for the BlackBox A320 Extreme package and their inclusion of the A321, we have released 2 repaints depicting Jetstar and American Airlines. These are available now.

New Releases Abound

Its been a few weeks snce we last posted news and their have been several new releases in that time.

The first was just a few hours ago with Carenado releasing their highly anticipated Phenom 100 for both FSX and P3Dv2. Our initial thoughts are this is one cool looking aircraft, you can view our screenshots HERE and we will be posting some video logs soon as well.

Aerosoft released Mega Airport Dublin a week or so ago also for both FSX and P3DV2. While a number of people are reporting significant performance issues so far we have found this highly detailed rendition of Dublin to be ok. Screenshots can be found HERE as well as a short video below of our exploits in the A1R YAK 50, which is a nice seque into our next news story, the A1R YAK 50 :).


A1R is a new player in the market and their first effort is a goodie. Screenshots can be found HERE, if you like aerobatics then this could well be one to look at.

Release Updates

We cover three new releases today.

ORBX Redding Municipal is the first airport for Northern California. This impressive scenery is by Jarred Marshall and we have an extensive spread of screenshots here. If you look on the main Facebook page you will also find a video.

Alabeo have released their Classic Cessna C195. This sleek bird has also been given the screenshot treatment here, we are sure you wont be disappointed with how she looks. We have also relesed a short VC tour taken in P3Dv2.

Finally Taxi2Gate have released Ataturk Airport in Turkey. T2G are becoming a real forc in FSX scenery design and this airport delivers both in looks and performance. Once again screenshots can be found here and we also have an approach and landing video on the page as well.

Happy flying everyone.

Just Flight Canberra PR9

Just Flight have released their Canberra PR9 for FSX and P3Dv2. 

"This first-generation light bomber was manufactured in large numbers during the 1950s and set a number of speed and altitude records. Its adaptability meant that the aircraft also served in tactical bombing and photographic and electronic reconnaissance roles in conflicts on several continents. This Canberra PR9 (Photo-Reconnaissance) variant is modelled in exceptional detail and features a true 3D cockpit with fully functional custom-coded fuel, electrical, fire detection and hydraulics systems."

You'll find screenshots of our exploration of this aircraft HERE.

ORBX Northern California Released

ORBX's latest region covers 300,000 sq km's of Northern California. Its an immense area and in our view is one of the best, if not the best region ORBX have released to date. You can see screenshots on our Facebook page HERE.

P3D V2.1 Released

Lockheed Martin have released their first service pack for Prepar 3D taking the title to 2.1. The extensive list of fixes can be read here. A patch or updated full install can be downloaded through your account page.

Captain Sim L-1011 Captain Released

Captain Sim have released the VC for their L-1011 Tristar. It looks pretty good and from early reports flys very well with a high degree of functionality. We have screenshots HERE and have put together a tour of the VC in this video.

Aerosoft Releases two new sceneries

2014 is off to a great start with the release of two new sceneries from Aerosoft for FSX/P3Dv2. The first is Bergamo X, a small airport in northern Italy handling around 4.5 million passengers a year. You can find our thoughts and an extensive spread of screenshots on our Facebook page for the FSX version HERE and P3Dv2 HERE.

The second is the small Greek airport of Thessaloniki X. To be blunt if you don't own the scenery yet you are missing out in a big way. It has established yet a new benchmark in scenery design and we have be incredibly impressed with it both visually but also in performance. You can read a basic review and see screenshots from the FSX version HERE.

First Captainsim 707 Repaints

Our first foray into repaints for the Captainsim 707 have been completed and uploaded. Air Niugini is the national airline of Papua New Guinea and operated several 707's during the 70's and 80's. We have re-produced three of them for your flying pleasure.

Carenado Releases B1900D

Carenados recently released B1900D is already being touted as their best product to date, and we tend to agree. You can check out an early mini-review and lots of screenhots here for FSX and here for P3D v2.

While an Air NZ link repaint has been released by Carenado we found it was innacurate so we have been busy completing three repaints for this model, see below.  You will find these under our repaint menu above and you can check out the Carenado B1900D product page here.


787-9 Arrives in New Zealand

We were fortunate enough to see the arrival of the Boeing 787-9 into NZAA last night. While the light had become very dull, it didnt arrive until close to 9pm local time, our on the spot 'reporter' Jon was able to capture a few shots. You can see them on our Facebook page here.

REX 4 | Texture Direct HD - Mini Review

We have completed a mini review of REX 4 | Texture Direct HD on our Facebook page, you can find it along with screensots here. In it Jon says:

If you want to improve your FSX visuals this is the product to get. Don't waste your time with anything else, its that simple. Add a weather engine like the free FSRealWXlite and you'll be blown away.

RAZBAM Metroliner III Released

RAZBAM have released their highly anticipated Metroliner III for both FSX and P3Dv2. There are two unique versions for both simulators. More details on the RAZBAM site HERE.

We have also released 8 repaints for this aircraft, you will find them under REPAINTS / RAZBAM / METROLINER III.

REX 4 | Texture Direct HD

ANNOUNCING REX4 TEXTURE DIRECT HD! REX4 Texture Direct is a NEW integrated global environment texture utility and effects add-on for Microsoft FSX, PREPAR3D v1.4 and v2 and is DX9, DX10 and DX11 compliant! Texture Direct takes advantage of the new core features of PREPAR3D v2 while enhancing both FSX and PREPAR3D v.1.4 to never before seen heights.

Available NOW from the Flightsim Store.

Real New Zealand FREEWARE

Robin Corn from Godzone has today announced that he has released both Real NZ Wellington and Real NZ Marlborough for FSX as FREEWARE.  These were great payware add-ons so them becoming available as freeware downloads is a Christmas present for the entire FSX community. You will find more details and download links on the Godzone website here.

For those familiar with our old website you will remember we hosted various FSX missions. Today we have made three of these available once again as they are all designed to be used with these two scenery add-ons, and were actually included in the disc version of Real NZ Marlborough. Enjoy.

More repaints released.

6 new repaints for the BBS A330 and PMDG T7 have been released. Enjoy.

Prepar3D v2 Released

The buzz across the FSX Flightsim world this week has been the release of Prepar3D version 2 by Lockheed Martin. We have completed a fairly thorough look at this potential FSX replacement, you can read it here.

New Repaints Added

We have released two more repaints, the first is for the Aerosoft AirbusX Extended and the second the PMDG 777-200. Enjoy.

New FSX Scenery Releases Galore

We have taken a look at three new scenery releases that have hit the market this past week. All are unique and more than worthy of a close look. We highly recommend them all. Click each image to be taken to our Facebook mini review page.

2 PMDG Repaints Released

We have released the following two repaints for the respective PMDG aircraft. With the 737 please check the install instructions or you may get an error. Enjoy.

New Black Box 319, 320 and 330 Releases.

Our paint hangars have been bulging with BlackBox aircraft this month and these 8 are the result. All available now. Enjoy.

2 new PMDG T7 Repaints Released

Our 410th and 411th repaints are these two beauties for the PMDG 777-200LR. Enjoy.

FTX Global - OPEN LC & Vector Demo from ORBX

ORBX have released a free demo for all of Iceland that shows off their FTX Global, OpenLC and Vector product. You can download this from the ORBX site here.

Thankyou The Flightsim Store.

We wanted to do a special shout out for Adrian and the team at The Flightsim Store. FSS has been a generous supporter of ARNZX over the years, always willing to donate product for prizes. With our current competition which includes FTX Globval its no different, their generosity is unmatched in our experince and we are incredbly thankful for that.

On a personal note we have been customers of the FSS for many years and have always found the product selection and support excellent. So who are the FSS, and where did they come from?

The FlightSim Store (commonly referred to as FSS) was established in 2006 after business owner Adrian Lehmann identified a need for an Australian based competitor in the home consumer flight simulation products market. At the time there was a clear opportunity to provide a fresh level of service to newly emerging flight simulation add-on development groups preparing to enter the scene and FSS tasked itself with aiding in bringing their products to market.

Since then The FlightSim Store has grown to become a global leader and now sells a vast range of flight simulation products internationally for use by hobbyists and flight training organisations alike. The business mainly offers add-on products for the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator title from numerous software publishers such as Orbx Simulation Systems, Real Environment Simulations, Aerosoft and Just Flight, and several hardware manufacturers such as Saitek, Go Flight, CH Products and Vrinsight. Products from these various vendors combine to create an immersive and highly addictive flight simulation experience.

The success of the business has largely been attributed to its focus on customer service, something we can validate from our own experience, and the friendly customer facing presence of its representatives online in community forums and through social media. With the consumer trend pushing toward digital media The FlightSim Store also has a great reputation for delivering large, high volume digital products through its extensive content delivery network of servers that offer reliable downloads to its customers worldwide. This provides the convenience of having your products available almost instantly without the risk of
delays commonly associated with delivery times and/or stock shortages. It also means these products are available 'on demand' in your account when updates are released or you decide to do a reinstall.

You will often find FSS at various aviation events throughout the year. Air Shows and airport open days provide a great way for customers to put faces to the names in the business they deal with online and over the phone.

So there you go, The Flightsim Store, we recommend them 110%. No, this isnt a 'paid' commercial, we genuinely wanted to give them a shout out as a way to say thanks to Adrian and the team for their support and generosity over the years.